Current planning for a New Forest Fiction Event in September, headlined by the international best-selling author Edward Rutherfurd, has brought into focus some gaps in the Centre’s collection, housed in the Christopher Tower Reference Library.

Centre Manager, Giles Gould, said “We’ve got some wonderful works of fiction in our collection, but we’ve certainly got some gaps. We’ve condensed these into our top 15. There have been some fabulous works of fiction drawing inspiration and setting from the New Forest, from authors such as Mary Braddon to Dennis Wheatley, and books published in 1808 to 1989. We thought, what better way to maybe fill in some of these than an appeal to the local community? We’re asking everyone to look in those dark and dusty corners, where maybe, just maybe, you might find a volume that you’d be happy to donate.”

Dr Kath Walker, Ecademy Project Officer, said “Mary Braddon is such a notable figure in Lyndhurst’s history that we are especially keen to hear from anyone with copies of Mount Royal or Vixen that they would like to gift to our Reference Library. To receive early editions of these would be the icing on the cake.” 

The New Forest Heritage Centre Wish List

Author      Book Title Publisher/Date
Alan Bishop (Ed.)       Chronicle of Friendship: Vera Brittain's Diary of the Thirties (1932-39)

Victor Gollancz, 1986

Alan Bishop + YAB (Eds) Wartime Chronicle: Vera Brittain's Diary 1939-1945 Victor Gollancz, 1989
Mary E Braddon (rep) Vixen  (3 vols)      Maxwell.,1879;  Nelson, 1911;  Sutton, 1993
Mary E Braddon  Mount Royal (3 vols) Maxwell., 1882
Charles Kingsley  Collected Poems  Macmillan & Co., 1907
William B Maxwell                  Time Gathered D. Appleton-Century Co., 1938*
L T Meade     Girls of the Forest Chambers., 1902
Horace A Vachell The Yard                                          Hutchinson & Co., 1923
Rebecca Warner         Herbert Lodge: A New Forest Story (3 vols) Longman, 1808
Dennis Wheatley             The Launching of Roger Brook Hutchinson & Co., 1947
E. F. Benson Angel of Pain

Heinemann, 1906

E. E. Cowper The Moonrakers SPCK., 1910
Nevil Shute What Happened to the Corbetts Heinemann, 1939
Caroline Southey                 Chapters on Churchyards            Wm. Blackwood, 1861
Horace Vachell                       Waters of Jordan John Murray, 1908