Chris Howard

Did you know that the New Forest Heritage Centre …

… was first built in 1988 … is a charity … is not run by the Council … has a free Museum that tells the story of the New Forest … has a Library with the largest collection of material on the New Forest … relies on volunteers and has very few staff … survives on donations and other funding that we generate ourselves … and crucially, needs to raise a seven figure amount of money to update the Centre and give it a new lease of life!

My name is Chris Howard and I am the newly appointed Capital Fundraising Manager. It is my job to work with the Trustees, our dedicated staff and volunteers and most importantly our visitors to raise a significant amount of money to update the Heritage Centre and make it an immersive and inspiring Museum, Library, Gallery and Shop that tells the story of the New Forest.

You have probably been to the car park in Lyndhurst and dropped into the Heritage Centre. Our perception with the outside world needs to improve and your input is vital to making a place where people want to visit to find out more about the New Forest.

In visiting the new Centre, the inspiring presentation of the New Forest must influence people’s views of how to behave and conserve the Forest for future generations. Otherwise over time things will erode, more ponies will be on the side of the road, towns will grow and the attitudes and the way of life in and around the New Forest will decline. We have a vital role to play in helping protect the New Forest.

It reminds me of a quote by Matthew Webb, the first man to swim the English Channel in 1875 where he famously said “Nothing great is easy”. We have inspiring plans for the Heritage Centre and want to achieve great things with your support to preserve this special landscape.

So what I would really like is to hear from you … What do you think of us? What can we do better? What changes do you want to see at the New Forest Heritage Centre?

We certainly have a significant but exciting challenge ahead of us. Please get in touch.