Down the Rabbit-hole: exploring Alice Week

The inspiration for one of the most famous children’s stories of all time, Alice Liddell moved to the New Forest when she married Reginald Hargreaves. Together, they lived at Hargreaves, a 180-acre country estate in Lyndhurst. Alice is said to have described the New Forest and her home in Lyndhurst as her own personal Wonderland, and she spent most of her adult life here.

Earlier this year, the Lewis Carroll Society gifted us a collection of books, documents and pictures relating to Alice Liddell and Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. To honour this generous gift, we hosted Alice Week (26th May-2nd June), a celebration of all things Wonderland. Activities were free to all visitors and were a hit with families, who took part in craft workshops including Mad Hatter millinery and Cheshire Cat flowerpot painting, as well as self-guided trails around Lyndhurst and an Ace of Hearts Hunt. It was wonderful to be able to share our collections with younger members of the public and their families. You can read more about Alice Liddell and our special collection of Lewis Carroll items here.

School holidays are an ideal time to visit us from nearby or further afield. Our activities and exhibitions allow for family bonding time, helping to strengthen relationships and spark imagination and connection across generations of family members.

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Writer - Laura Lamb