Nancy Filmore

Rachel, our current Fundraising Development Manager is off on a year’s sabbatical and I have been brought in to cover her position.

So, who am I? I am a small person with huge shoes to fill.

I was born in the New Forest, a long time ago and spent most of my adult life in Bristol. It was always my ambition to return. I love the New Forest, it’s where I call home!

I came into the charity sector quite by chance and have not looked back. Prior to that I worked in IT, even running my own company. Even further back I was a Saw Doctor, yes, that is an official title.

Fundraising for the New Forest Heritage Centre is a different style from the other charities where I have worked, but the principals are the same:

  • Raise awareness of who we are and what we do
  • Support, build and renew relationships
  • Encourage fundraising events and supporters
  • Fund raise.

It’s not all about the money!

Over the coming months, we have some great events and big plans; we can’t fulfil our needs without your support.

Your time is as valuable to us as actual cash. Donating time is priceless.

Sometimes we need volunteers to assist at an event, host a collection, bake cakes for a cake sale… so many ways where time rich people can help.

If you have an idea on how to support us and need some advice, please do get in touch.

Why not create your own fundraising event and use our digital donation platforms?




Nancy Filmore