Life Long Learning – how can we help?

Suzie Moore

My name is Suzie Moore and I have been part of the education team at the New Forest Heritage Centre for over 11 years.  I was a primary school teacher for ten years before that and was lucky enough to have had the freedom to create a whole curriculum based around the New Forest.  Having lived near Dartmoor and Exmoor in my formative years it was a wonderful challenge to come to a different National Park and discover the similarities and differences between them. When the opportunity arose to make teaching about the New Forest a full time job I didn’t hesitate and luckily for me got the position!

Since then my own personal learning journey has never stopped.  Firstly I needed to learn the ropes in a new organisation, then I needed to learn the education sessions I would be teaching.  As I took on the role of development officer I needed to expand my horizons again and find out more about the New Forest, its history and culture so I could develop further education programmes, not just for children but for adults as well.

There were times when the theatre aspect of Gail Goldwin’s quote was hugely important as I didn’t always feel confident in my own personal knowledge, but with time and that all important preparation, my knowledge and confidence grew and I really began to understand why some people are so passionate about the New Forest.

The education team at the New Forest Heritage Centre has always been a source of great pride and I hope that my input over the last 11 years has helped to keep the Heritage Centre in touch with education and moving forwards, not just in terms of formal school and college education. As Thomas Merton said “The least of the work of learning is done in the classroom.”  So much learning happens within informal settings when we are with our families and friends, and a key part of my role has been to continue to develop the informal education using crafts and fun sessions to engage with all ages.

Admittedly this sometimes involves a lot of fun on my part – with the occasional costume to help with those unforgettable learning experiences!

So whether you are a teacher in a school or college, a leader with a youth or adult group or just friends or family keen to learn, the education team at the New Forest Heritage Centre has so much to offer.  More information can be found on our Learning pages and the team are happy to talk through bespoke options for you and your group.