Small gestures mean so much

Nancy Filmore

So it falls to the fundraising department to write the December Blog.

December is a strange month, not only is it the month that we over indulge, spend a few more, gain a few more pounds than any other time of year.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. Sometimes, even the smallest gesture means so much more than a huge extravagance.

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Holding an event on our behalf, it doesn’t have to be huge! A popular event is a coffee morning with your friends. Ask them to donate what they would have paid in a cafe for their coffee. Not only are you raising money for a good cause, think of how great it would be to catch up with your friends that you’ve been meaning to do for ages!

I personally stopped buying Christmas cards many years ago and donated what I would have spent to a local charity. Imagine, if we all sent that £5-£10 to a charity, what a difference that could make, not to mention the environmental aspect.

Here at the New Forest Heritage Centre, we have many ways of accepting your donations, should you wish to support us.

We can accept:

Thank you.