These Boots were made for Walking

Considering the content of my blog entry had me staring at the floor and my new Blundstone boots which I am currently breaking in. Which in turn led me to thinking about walking in the New Forest.

Being of a certain age and aware that I must start to look after myself, I build a walk into my day. The New Forest suits me really well as there are not too many hills and it’s easy (ish) walking. I am trying to discover new places in the Forest and so I’ve been using the New Forest Walks app. This led me to Ashlett Creek on a recent cold January day, and despite it being a grey day, it was really lovely and interesting. Walking to Calshot allowed me to look at the turbine blades laid out at the back of Fawley Power station, which were a total surprise to me!

This morning I definitely didn’t have the correct footwear. Despite a let up in the rain, this ford was impassable in trainers, meaning I walked rather further than planned!

In 2020 I aim to discover more of the northern New Forest, an area I don’t know at all well. With the app to help me, all will be good!