Ancient & Remarkable Trees of The New Forest

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New Forest Heritage Centre , High Street , Lyndhurst , SO43 7NY


Start: 19th June, 2021 at

End: 18th July, 2021 at

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This exhibition is the culmination of a 5 year project, and it shows changes that have occurred to several of these ancient and remarkable trees of the New Forest.

David Russell hopes this exhibition will encourage the appreciation and respect for these often hidden treasures the New Forest. ‘They are deeply important for our wellbeing both mentally and physically.’ explained David, ‘These surviving hulks of living history are now under increasing threats from climate change, disease and development. We need to have an awareness of the fragility of these eco systems that are so vital to us all.’

David has lived in and around The New Forest since he was 8 years old and has been a professional photographer for most of his adult life, so this project is a very personal statement.

You can find more information on his website