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New Forest Heritage Centre , High Street , Lyndhurst , SO43 7NY


Start: 7th May, 2021 at

End: 13th June, 2021 at

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How does something as beautiful as a butterfly begin life as little more than a fancy maggot?

Or something as elegant and delicate as a lacewing hatch out looking like a minuscule escapee from a horror movie?

What are the circumstances that require a creature to transform from one body shape into another, a shape that is often so utterly different from the first that you would be forgiven for thinking they were completely unrelated organisms?

The aim of this exhibition is to show remarkable transformations, some of which most people could never see in a lifetime.

Rupert summarised the experience as “Four years from start to finish, Metamorphosis explores the extraordinary lives of insects, following their development from egg to adult. Without doubt, simultaneously the most difficult and most rewarding project I have ever done. Of the four years, three were spent watching, waiting and photographing, during which time I had a total of seven days off and could bore everyone for hours with stories of frustration and recalcitrant critters.”

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