New Forest Art , The Past and the Present

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New Forest Heritage Centre , High Street , Lyndhurst , SO43 7NY


Start: 11th September, 2021 at

End: 17th October, 2021 at

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New Forest Art, The Past and the Present is a collection of present day landscapes painted by local artists Barry Peckham, and Peter Frost, who have researched the original locations from which earlier artists like Fredrick Golden Short, Heywood Sumner, John Emms, Wilford Ball,  A.R. Quinton and  Mrs. W. Rawnsley painted.

Barry Peckham, Mary Montagu-Scott and Peter Frost

The exhibition will exhibit these scenes with photographs of the old paintings along side the present day paintings. The exhibition will include about fifty original paintings for sale and a catalogue. 

The paintings will all be of New Forest landscapes and will show the changes that have occurred over the last century or so. It will show changes in the vegetation and the land use showing what we have lost and what we have retained.

Barry and Peter will also be holding ‘Meet the Artist’ events in the gallery on Saturday 11th September and Wednesday 6th October – all welcome.

View of Lyndhurst 1930 by F.G.Short

View of Lyndhurst 2020 by Peter Frost