Wood and Waves (Spotlight on Two New Forest Marque Artisans)

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New Forest Heritage Centre , High Street , Lyndhurst , SO43 7NY


Start: 24th July, 2021 at

End: 5th September, 2021 at

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Wood and Waves – Spotlight on Two New Forest Marque Artisans is a joint exhibition of two local artists, Graham Turner and Shaun Stevens, who showcase a diverse range of painting, woodturning, photographs and hand-made creative giftware inspired by the New Forest and Solent coastline.

They work in completely different, yet complimentary, mediums and draw their inspirations from the New Forest; and they both proudly display the New Forest Marque, https://newforestmarque.co.uk/

Shaun Stevens https://shaunstevensart.com/ is a local New Forest Artist and Art Teacher with over twenty years’ experience teaching in the Visual and Creative Arts. She is a former Head of Creative, Visual, Performing Arts & Media for Brockenhurst College and Lead Art Teacher for the Alzheimer’s Society and has experience in a diverse breadth of adult art education. Shaun studied for her Fine Art Degree at Canterbury College of Art which gave her a great foundation in drawing, life painting, sculpture, printmaking and painting. Shaun has recently taken time out from teaching to concentrate on painting and making creative artworks that celebrate the flora and fauna of the New Forest, the wonderful Hurst Castle and the natural beauty of the Solent coastline.

Her paintings feature many subjects painted using watercolour, oil, acrylic, ink and she uses traditional fine art skills but also a diverse range of experimental techniques and has recently begun painting on gold leaf. Shaun embraces the creative arts and has been making boats, birds and other subjects out of glass and enjoys experimenting with painting on wood and other natural materials.

Shaun creatively brings her artwork to life in a lot of different ways, including designing full colour screen print tea towels, bags, cushions and other textiles. Subjects range from Hurst Castle and the Solent, beach huts, bumblebees, New Forest donkeys and a charming new hedgehog tea towel will also join the series in 2021.

Shaun will launch her new Solent Coastline Calendar 2022 on the opening of the Woods and Waves exhibition; it will showcase her paintings featuring the fabulous Solent coastline.

Shaun and her husband, John, have also published three children’s books about their beloved spaniels, ‘Rosie and Poppy Visit Hurst Castle’, ‘Rosie and Poppy Visit Friends in the New Forest’, ‘Rosie and Poppy – Snowflakes for New Forest Friends’. Shaun has illustrated the books and John has written the delightful stories about their adventures.

Shaun is a Member of the New Forest Marque and prints her own greeting cards, textiles, ceramics and wide range of creative giftware. It is very important to her that she is involved in the whole creative process from painting a subject, digitally formatting it, then printing the final design. The New Forest Marque is a regional organisation that supports local artisans and food producers to help promote their work.

Graham Turner’s, http://www.grahamturner.co/home.html grandfather was a master wood craftsman and he started his apprenticeship in 1914 as a pattern maker. As a young child Graham was always intrigued by his workshop, all his tools and the Barley twist furniture in the house.

In 2019 he finally acquired his grandfather’s tools and started to use some of them to embellish his woodturning to add a variety of twists to his work.

He left school at 16 and did an apprenticeship at Rolls Royce in Derby, however then moved away from working with his hands and ended up working in IT and management in the engineering sector before ending in the building society sector.

After being made redundant in 2008, he acquired his first lathe and started working with his hands again. This lead to him earning a living from wood turning and teaching wood turning for the last 7 years.

The wood that he uses is mostly from around the village where he lives (Sway in the New Forest). It is air dried slowly in the garden until he is ready to turn it. He likes wood with contrast (yew, laburnum, walnut) and distinctive grain (burr, spalted, fruit woods). Diseased and dead trees are also a very good source of something different.

He likes to experiment and try different things, this includes incorporating other materials such as metal (pewter, brass, copper).

The key focus this year is around light as he is working on a collection of lamps with light shades made in Wood and Glass.