Rachel Crawford-Jones

As a solicitor, I act on behalf of a large cross section of the local community. One thing that is common amongst everyone that I meet, is their love for the New Forest and its rich history. I believe as residents, we are all custodians of the New Forest and would recommend reading Edward Rutherfurd’s book, The Forest, as a fascinating tale of “an almost mystical place, famous for its deer, ancient oaks, thatched cottages and forest ponies". It has also been known for smuggling, the building of great sailing ships, and witchcraft.

The artefacts we have from our shared history are precious and need to be protected for the education of our children. The New Forest Heritage Centre helps with our community's duty as custodians and also the education of future generations. I have chosen to support the charity and raise awareness of the great work that they are doing at the heart of our community and within the capital of the New Forest in Lyndhurst.

I have only been running since 1st January 2019. Before that, I did a lot of cycling but found that increasingly dangerous because of a lack of dedicated cycle routes. I am another one of the millions of chubby dads who got a fitness watch for Christmas. I needed a kick to push me into being more active on a daily basis and it really worked for me as I love statistics and the watch enables you to track everything.

I do most of my training at 6.00am before going to work. I find it sets a good routine for the day and I tend to make healthier food choices as a result. I try to run 15 miles a week, spread out over three or four days. I find running at the gym deceptively easy, as you moderate your pace and can distract yourself with music. However, the best training is on unfamiliar routes around the forest, as you tend to push yourself harder than you otherwise would.

My ambition is to find the right balance between work life and family life. I hope that regularly running to raise money for worthy charitable causes, will give me that added motivation to keep going.

Rachel Crawford-Jones