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Goshawk Summer – James Aldred


‘In early 2020, wildlife cameraman James Aldred was commissioned to film the lives of a family of goshawks in the New Forest. Then lockdown. No more cars, no more aeroplanes, no one in the woods – except James’

Paperback edition of Goshawk Summer by award winning author, James Aldred

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New Forest Myths and Folklore


Acclaimed storyteller Brice Stratford guides you through the folk heritage and mythological past of Britain’s most haunted national park.’

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The D-day Diaries: French Resistance and the SOE


The D-Day Diaries: French Resistance and the Special Operations Executive  (SOE)

This book tells the story of the French Resistance and the formation of the Special Operations Executive and the major operations conducted in France to free Europe from German Occupation, the story is up to September 1944 . By James Robertshaw. 56 pages. Paperback

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The D-Day Diaries: United States Beaches


The D-Day Diaries: United State Beaches. United D-Day Beach Operations. By James Robertshaw. 114 pages. Paperback

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The D-Day Diaries: British & Canadian Beaches


The D-Day Diaries, British & Canadian Beaches. The Allied Operation to recover Europe from German Occupation. By James Robertshaw. 112 pages. Paperback

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Beatrice of Bolderwood: The Diary of a New Forest Girl 1989


This remarkable diary provides an insight into life in the New forest in late Victorian and early Edwardian times.

Edited by Veronica Walton. 73 page paperback

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Briscoe-Eyre’s New Forest


The New Forest : Common rights and Cottage stock-keepers by G.E. Briscoe Eyre

Published by the New Forest Ninth Centenary Trust in 2006. 54 page paperback.


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Out of Town : Jack Hargreaves


The bestselling autobiography of the famous broadcaster’s childhood and early life.

145 page paperback

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